Stretch mark removal methods from creams to surgery

stretch mark removal creamThere are varied causes of stretch marks, and both men and women are susceptible to it. The emergence of stretch marks can be attributed to genetics, puberty, bodybuilding and use of Corticosteroids. Initially, stretch mark removal was limited to the use of creams and lotions. With the increase in technology, surgical and laser techniques are now available for the treatment of stretch marks.
Many of the people even today resort to stretch mark removal creams. A wide variety of products claim to reduce or even remove the stretch mark scars. These creams and lotions may help when applied to freshly appeared stretch marks, but may not be very effective for stretch marks present on the body for a long time. Natural stretch mark removal strategies also include a streamlined diet and physical exercise plan. Some people even use home and herbal remedies for the removal of stretch marks. The benefit of using these treatments is that it proves less expensive than the cosmetic dermatology techniques. In addition, it does not require frequent sittings at the dermatologist or the parlour. However, these products do not guarantee the removal of stretch marks.
The laser stretch mark removal technique is quite popular. With life being so rushed, it is very difficult for some people to get time to care for themselves. If the stretch marks are not tended to in time, they get older and become more difficult to remove. For older stretch marks, laser therapy is a good and effective treatment. The laser stretch mark removal therapy involves the removal of thin layers of skin that surround the stretch marks. The treated area heals quickly with the regeneration of new layers of skin. There could be side effects like hyperpigmentation and scarring, but that happens very rarely. The benefit of stretch mark removal using the laser therapy is that is it safe and comparatively very effective.
Surgical stretch mark removal is the most advanced form of treatment. For the permanent removal of stretch marks, the surgical technique is the most effective. The surgical treatment is currently limited to the stretch marks in the middle to lower abdominal region. The surgical treatment is considered to be the most expensive.
The other preferred and non-expensive stretch mark removal treatments include the Blue Light Therapy, Microdermabrasion and Chemical Peeling. Prior to using any of the stretch mark removal treatments, consult a trusted dermatologist for the best and most effective option.

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