Penis Enlargement Options

penis enlargement optionsUnder penis enlargement we understand the whole variety of techniques designed to make the male penis bigger in length and girth. It should be mentioned, that there are plenty of options out there to choose from.

Along with that, each of those methods may show good results for certain patients and fail for others. So, everybody should choose his way of treatment on his own, based on his individual preferences and specific health situation.

The first method to be mentioned is a surgical operation. Though rather expensive, it gives sustainable results. The concept is based on an anatomical fact that almost a half of the penis, beings connected with the pubic bone, is hidden inside the human body. By cutting the suspensory ligaments one can release an additional couple of inches of the penis body, thus making it visually longer.

Just like with any surgical procedure, penis enlargement operations are fraught with risks and require some recovery treatment under the surgeon’s supervision.

Also, there is another type of surgical penis enlargement procedure, which uses inflatable penile implants in order to replace the natural corpora cavernosa, if the latter does not work properly. To obtain an erection, a person will need to manipulate the pump hidden in his scrotum. Though rather drastic and irreversible, this method can really help those men who suffer from severe impotence.

However, most men tend to opt for non-invasive penis enlargement methods, including penis pumps, clamping, or mechanical stretching.

The penis pump, as the name implies, uses a manual or automated pump to create vacuum within a bulb placed over the penis. This makes the penis swell due to promoting more blood to flow to its corpora cavernosa.

Over the period of time, this procedure improves natural erections of the patient. Also, the method is safe and harmless. This is why it is widely used by medical practitioners.

Clamping is another simple though effective method to be mentioned. In this case, the patient uses elastic rings and bands to prevent blood from flowing out of their penis during erections. Those tools can be found in most adult shops and applied easily.

We should not overlook yet another popular approach to natural penis enlargement: penis extenders. This is a mechanical device designed to apply an external traction to the penis. Under this force, cells of the penis tissues split and duplicate more actively in the direction of the applied force. Used over a long period of time (about 2-3 months), this method can show visible results in terms of the penis length. It does not affect the girth, though.

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