What Should You Look for in a Lash Growth Serum?

eyelash enhancementToday the majority of the most powerful cosmetic brands don’t miss their chance to introduce their own lash growth serums to the market. Whether it is a cheap $15 product or $100 famous brand serum – the choice is huge and sometimes you might think there is no way you can make the right choice on your own. In fact, buying the most expensive lash grow serum does not necessarily guarantee the best results. Don’t panic, just stay with us and we will let you know all the information you need to choose the product best suitable for you.


Peptides are the most effective components in the lash growth process, in particular, polypeptides which consist of useful amino acids protecting hair from damage and maintaining its healthy look. A high-quality lash growth serum is always the one that has actual amino acids among ingredients as well as a group of vitamins including B5, B7, H and others. There are serums which also include ingredients like soybean oil designed to add some gloss. The truth is – almost all eyelash growth serums are based on oil. Serums must contain only natural ingredients like those mentioned above. Otherwise there is no guarantee serum is safe. Still, products like Latisse, disregard these unwritten rules adding more controversial ingredients in their formulas.

Are prescription serums better?

It is considered that Latisse is the only prescription lash growth serum. It has bimatoprost among its ingredients, a synthetic drug designed to treat glaucoma. The effect of Latisse on eyelash growth was discovered by accident when it became clear that those who use it for glaucoma treatment grow thicker and longer eyelashes. And this fact proves that Latisse should be used for medical purposes only. Otherwise there is a high-probability risk of getting undesirable side-effects including rashes, eyelid puffiness, inflammations and burning sensations. Despite the fact that most of these side-effects disappear after an individual stops using the product there have been some numerous cases involving permanent side effects when eye color could change. Thus, we strongly recommend to choose eyelash growth products carefully and avoid purchasing the ones containing bimatoprost. And of course there is no point in using glaucoma medication for reaching any results in growing longer and thicker eyelashes.

How about non FDA approved medication?

This question might sound a bit silly but let’s discuss it anyway. FDA is a well-known organization designed to control the quality of medications’ turnover. Their job is to keep all medications safe and effective for us. And it simply doesn’t matter if the label says the product is 100% safe, doesn’t have any side-effects and tremendously effective – purchasing something online without FDA mark on it you simply take a risk of buying a pig in a poke. So if you want to feel yourself calm about making the right choice when buying lash grow serum – make sure it is FDA approved. After all, there are hundreds of FDA-approved products on today’s market which are both safe and effective which you can easily get even in your hometown.